Depth Dragon EPIC BOSS from Artisan Guild
Depth Dragon EPIC BOSS from Artisan Guild
Depth Dragon EPIC BOSS from Artisan Guild

Depth Dragon EPIC BOSS from Artisan Guild

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Delani - Depths Dragon - He is the biggest Resin Print we do, He takes a lot of time and costs a lot of resin :)

Delanis are legendary creatures from the underground, natural enemies of the tentacular Depth Ones: highly resistant to mind and soul control, voracious and deadly.
It's a dragon from the depths of the earth, who is capable of sleep for years in his labyrintical cave. His wingless body is perfect to move in those places.
This kit uses smart joints hidden in the scales to fit small printer and for easy printing:

- Crystal Base
- Head
- Left and Right Arms
- Lower and Upper Torso
- Neck
- Tail
- Left and Right Legs


Printed in high detail with very little support marks. We spend a lot of time working on supports and how to try and make a miniature have little to non. It’s almost impossible to print with ought but the more you have the more clean up you have to do.

With Artisan Guild they are such beautiful miniatures we felt sticking them on a 3D slicer and hitting Auto Support does not do them justice. Other printers on here however do just that. So that extra work for us mean better quality for you.

There will always be some support marks its the nature of a 3D printed Mini. We do our very best to remove them but some fine sanding may be required.

officially licensed to sell physical prints of the Artisan Guild. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Artisan Guild Patreon (at: ),or at MyMiniFactory (at: )

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